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How to get rid from "Shortcut Virus"!!!!!

Shortcut viruses are very irritating viruses,that converts the files and folders on usb drive and other flash drives into shortcuts after plugging into the infected computer.This makes the user unable to access the files and folders on their usb drive.Many good antivirus like Mcafee,AVG are unable to stop these viruses.

Today i am going to tell you these two things:-
1)How to remove this virus from your PC?
2)How to recover back your files which have been converted to shortcuts?

How to remove this virus from your PC?

I tried many antiviruses for this work but the one which worked was “Malwarebytes:anti-malware“.You can download the latest version from its official website provided here

Its just a 10MB file.After downloading install it.Then it will prompt for updating its database,let it updating,it will take around 6MB.

This is a trial version if want you can activate trial to full version for free using the keygen.  Click here download keygen(Links Updated)!!

             Just download the keygen,open it and click on generate.After that open the malwarebytes and click on activate.Now copy the ID and KEY from the keygen and  paste it in the malwarebytes.Now you have a pro version of malwarebytes.Just select “Perform full scan” in Malwarebyte’s console and click on scan,this will run a full scan on your pc.After the scan is completed delete the threats found.Now your pc is virus free.

How to recover your files back which have been converted to shortcuts?

I am providing a very simple tool “Shortcut Virus Remover” using which you can recover back your files which have been converted to shortcuts by virus.This tool will only work when havn’t deleted anything or hvn’t formated your usb device after virus infection.
        Just copy Shortcut virus remover.bat on theUSB device or memory card on which you want to recover the files,and run it.A cmd window will open,just press any key.All the shortcuts on your device will be removed and your files and folder will be recoverd back.