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Android 4.3 Rolling Out to Galaxy S4 and HTC One Play Editions

A little over a week after Android 4.3 began rolling out for older generation Nexus handsets, updates have begun going out for those with the Play edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One devices.
 Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Editions, which feature pure Android without Common Sense and TouchWiz respectively, have some users reporting an over-the-air Android 4.3 update. It should be noted that this report comes immediately after both HTC and Samsung released the Android 4.3 kernel sources online. Thus, reports of the HTC One and S4 Google Editions not getting updates directly from Google seems validated.
While there is not much difference between the Google Play Edition versions and their conventional counterparts in terms of benchmarks, the former does feel snappier in performance. The update, as mentioned earlier, is coming OTA and while many users haven’t received it yet, it seems like Google is living up to its word of quickly rolling out the update for its Google Edition smartphones.

First off, the update shows up as build JWR66V. The HTC One update clocks in at 185MB and the Galaxy S4 is a comparatively slim 150MB. Some of the featured changes include larger icons on the widget panels, tethering via Bluetooth for the Galaxy S4 and the menu background being switched from black to a lighter gradient. Android 4.3 the latest OS version comes with enhancements, improved rendering and some changes for developers like On-screen GPU profiling.

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