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How to get Galaxy S4 Air gesture control functionality on any Android

Most of you must have heard about Samsung Galaxy S4′s Air gesture control which has imparted a revolutionized feature on it’s flagship device that allows you to accept calls, change music, or browse the web and your photos by just waving your hands over your Galaxy S4.
A Senior member of XDA developers came up with an app that will allow you to imitates the behavior of Air Gesture from Galaxy S4. Moreover, this app will also allow you to imitate Quick Glance, Air Call accept, control your music/video players, start your desired app on a move, switch to previous apps, jump to launchscreen and much more. Let’s head over to How to get Galaxy S4 like Air gesture control on any Android:


  • An Android device running version 2.2 and up (Some features require a Rooted Android device to work).
  • Hovering control app installed on your device (Play Store link).
Hovering control app is a paid app on Google Play Store. If you want to support the developer, you can buy it from there. But, in case you need a free version, you can get a free XDA version of the app from here.

App Features (No Root Features):

  • Set apps to open with all the available gestures.
  • Silence incoming call.
  • Silence alarm with just a wave.
  • Switch between recent apps (like back and forward behavior).
  • Fast go to home screen.
  • Shake your phone to switch speakerphone on/off.
  • QuickGlance- When the screen is off, move your hand above the sensor to view notifications, missed calls, new messages, time and date, and more.
  • Control your music player (next/previous/pause/resume) even with screen off.

More Features for Root Devices :

  • All features will work that are working for Non-rooted device. In addition following features are added.
  • AutoShoot pictures/videos, no need to push the button again.
  • Unlock screen with two hand slides.
  • Slide between your photos in your image gallery.
  • Scroll up and down in your browser.
  • Answer incoming call, just put your phone near to your ear.
Note: Two modes are available, both offering a different take on opening apps:
Target mode: open a pre-determined app with a set gesture.
Carousel mode: open up apps from a set list of apps.
Share your views about Galaxy S4 like Air gesture control on any Android. If you face any problem leave your problem in comments.

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