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BlackBerry Priv users to get Marshmallow by early May


BlackBerry confirmed during an earnings call today that Marshmallow is indeed on its way to the Priv, and could hit devices as soon as early May.

This comes not long after a rather large leak showed the BlackBerry Priv running Marshmallow and all that the new software version can do on the smartphone. If you’re interested in getting an early look as to what Marshmallow will look like in the Priv, be sure to click here.

The wait isn’t going to be long now; however, it’s likely that carrier variants of the smartphone will take quite awhile longer to get Marshmallow.

Sit tight folks, we’ve got about a month and a week to go before it starts rolling out.

source: CrackBerry

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Teardown video reveals rear panel of G5 has thick plastic coating; LG responds


LG_G5_PressUsually, when a manufacturer claims that its new flagship smartphone sports a ‘metal body’, you take it at face value. After all, we’ve seen HTC put out metal bodied handsets for a few years now, and even Samsung has gotten its act together in recent times. However, it was earlier mooted that LG had pushed the definition of a ‘metal body’ to its limits with the G5, given that its rear panel appears to have a substantial coating of plastic.LG_G5_Plastic_Metal_RearAccording to a teardown video by JerryRigEverything, the G5 didn’t quite feel how a metal-bodied handset should, so he decided to take a utility knife to the rear panel to see what it was made of. The result was a little surprising, in that a fair amount of plastic had to be scraped away before the aluminum coating was revealed.

Meanwhile, LG, for its part, has responded to a query from Android Authority by to this section of the G5 press release stating that:

“The insulative antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look of the metal-unibody”

Instead of placing those plastic inserts that almost every metal bodied handset displays, as seen on the Galaxy S7 below, it appears that LG has rather integrated the antenna into the rear panel. LG had to put them somewhere, so why not in a place that would be hidden in normal situations?

The teardown video does reveal a metal chassis underneath the paint, it’s just that there’s quite a bit of plastic as well. While I would have liked JerryRigsEverything to have scraped a lot more of the rear panel to properly check the issue before making an issue of it, I still wouldn’t have expected to have seen such a thick plastic coating.

Galaxy-S7-Edge-ports-croppedIt seems that this could all have been a storm in a teacup, but if you’ve received your G5, what do you make of the handset? Does it have a premium, metal bodied feel to it? And if you haven’t made up your mind on the G5 just yet, perhaps Jason Statham can help you decide in this launch advertisementlaunch ad. You can check out the rest of the teardown video below.

Source: JerryRigsEverything (YouTube)
Via: AndroidAuthority

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Google Photos will search on an emoji


In 2015, demonstrating the rise of the emoji as a major tool for communications, Domino’s Pizza enabled the ability for users to place an order using a pizza emoji. Perhaps learning from that feature, the team with the Google Photos team has rolled out a similar feature that users can tap into to search through their library of photos.

Users can enter an emoji in the search bar, say for a dog or for Halloween, and the Google Photos app will return what it thinks are photos related to the emoji. The search works the same as if text were entered for the search string and still does not require users to have tagged their photos in any manner.

The big question that seems to be lurking out there is whether this is part of Google’s April Fools’ Day “updates” or if this is an actual thing that will stick around. For now at least, the new visual search works on emojis as demonstrated in the video below.

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Mic Drop gets the last laugh on Google


When Google releases their April Fools’ Day pranks, users will often find that many of them are actual, working features albeit of dubious value. The Google Gmail team tried to do that with a new feature called Gmail Mic Drop, but the attempt appears to have taken a less than fun turn forcing Google to disable the new “feature.”

When first released as an update to the Gmail web interface, the Gmail Mic Drop replaced the Send and Archive button with a bright orange “Send + Mic Drop” button. Hitting this button when sending an email would automatically insert an animated Minion inspired gif and lock down the conversation so that your reply was the last word. It was supposed to be a fun way for users to demonstrate to recipients that they had just achieved the ultimate “last word” in a conversation.

Unfortunately for Google, users started taking advantage of this new button, possibly inadvertently, and were sending mic dropped emails as part of work threads, in response to job offers or advertisements, and other situations where a little fun was not appropriate. After being hit up with complaints from users, Google’s Gmail team realized the new feature “caused more headaches than laughs” and have turned it back off. They advise that if you still see it in your interface, you should reload the page.


source: Google

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Check out the full LG G5 launch ad starring Jason Statham in every role


Earlier this week LG released a trailer for an advertisement starring Jason Stratham for its latest flagship smartphone, the G5, in which the British actor plays every single role. Today, the Korean electronics company has released the advertisement in its entirety, showing off the G5 and its modular friends ahead of its launch. We have the video embedded below for your enjoyment.

Whether you’ve always wanted to see the Hollywood action star portraying a waiter, a baby, some sort of weird bull rider sporting fire extinguishers, or even dressed as a woman, the advertisement has it all in spades. And while initial thoughts about the G5 handset might not be as positive as LG might have hoped, the ad is fun to watch and shows off the G5 and its modular friends such as the CAM Plus, the B&O HiFi Plus, and removable battery. The Rolling Bot and 360 VR headset also make appearances.

The ad makes great use of Jason Statham’s abilities, with the G5 sharing a good amount of screen time too. Unlike HTC’s adverts with Robert Downey Jr. the viewer isn’t left confused as to what the advert is actually promoting.

The G5 has been available to pre-order for a few days now, both in the U.S. and the UK, have you taken the plunge? Let us know your thoughts about the G5 and the commercial in the comments below.

Source: LG

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