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Google Maps updated with directions for multiple destinations,information events and more

Google has updated the Maps service and has added new features and tools based on feedback from its users. It adds support for multiple destinations based navigation along with two new tools to manage reservations and let a user know about any upcoming event data for venues. However, not all of these will be available across the countries, and some will rather be restricted to the US for now but we can expect a wider global roll out soon.
The support for directions to multiple destinations will let users plot the best route for them on a map when visiting more than one destinations on a single trip and get driving, walking and biking directions for these on the Maps. Users have to choose a starting point and then add the rest of the destinations or stops by simply clicking ‘+’ for each of these by using either the search box, or by clicking the locations directly on the map. Also one can drag and drop any destination on the map as well.
The directions for multiple destinations feature also ties in with the new Views carousel, which will let users preview their destinations using Photo Tours, Street View, and other available imagery, within the same window.
Besides, With the ‘Upcoming Events’ feature one can now also check Google Maps to know about the upcoming events, concerts, sports matches and more at a particular place or an area. If you are unsure about the venues in the area, you can select them by category, such as ‘music venues,’ to be able explore what events will soon be held near you.
For signed-in users, Google has tried integrating a Google Now-style digital assistant feature that will let user search for flights, hotels and restaurant on Maps. Google says that this will work as fast as it works on the recently tweaked Google Search. One will simply have to put in the present destination and Google will show upcoming plans related to the destination.
Google emphasized that these itinerary details are only visible to the individual user, and only when signed in on the desktop. However, the sad part is that this feature is currently rolling out to Maps users in the US and is available in English only.
Google however, has also promised that a lot more features for Maps will be coming soon.

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