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Flipboard arrives on Windows 8.1 with Live Tile integration and more

Flipboard has finally launched for Windows 8.1, allowing users to finally discover the news reader app that makes it such a hit with tablet users on other platforms.

Developers have built the app from the ground up to match the Windows 8.1 look and feel, and take advantage of some the platform’s specific features such as adding Flipboard as a Live Tile to their tablet’s start screen. Flipboard for Windows 8.1 also make it possible to pin your favorite Flipboard magazines and sections to the start screen, so that you can access your favorite content speedily.
A range of gestures offer plenty of functionality – for example, you can subscribe, refresh, and edit by swiping up, or access modules such as ‘contributors’ and ‘people also read’ by swiping down within a section. Microsoft’s windows 8.1 also offers a split-screen experience naming it Snap View, allowing you to read a Flipboard article  while performing another task on the same time such as watching a movie.
Since launching in 2010, the free app, lauded for its elegant user experience and ease of use, has been downloaded to around 90 million mobile devices.
A feature rolled out earlier this year that allows users to create their own digital magazines for sharing, or private use, proved a particular hit with the Flipboard community, with 100,000 magazines created within its first 24 hours of going live. Another recent feature enables users to utilize the magazine tool for the creation of e-commerce catalogs for wish lists or as a way of creating a shopping list of gifts.
Judging by the popularity of Flipboard on other platforms such as iOS and Android, the Windows 8.1 version will be welcomed by Windows 8.1 device owners. Here below check out the video for a brief overview of Flipboard for Windows 8.1:

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