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Download Hulu for Windows now and get an exclusive 2 month free trial


Microsoft is offering an exclusive deal on the Hulu app for Windows.

If you download the app from the Windows Store now you will get double the usual one month free trail, letting you experience unlimited instant streaming of current hit TV shows, exclusive original series, all-time favorites, hit movies, and more. Plus, you can choose between our Limited Commercials and No Commercials plans. With your subscription, you’ll have access to Hulu’s full library of content on your favorite devices including TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, and PCs.

The app features:

  • Search and play your favorite shows using Cortana voice search both before entering the app and in it.
  • Receive Live Tile updates on the hottest shows.
  • Resume watching from where you left off on your supported devices.
  • Add your favorite videos to your queue for instant access.
  • Search for content across episodes, clips, and movies.
  • Watch over WiFi, 3G, and 4G.

The 2 month free trail offer lasts till the 18th July and plans start at $7.99/month. SHOWTIME® is available for an additional $8.99/month.

Find the app in the Windows Store here.

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How to install Bash on Windows 10


With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft is adding a major feature to Windows 10 for developers: Bash. This is a really nice addition to Windows 10 which will make using Windows 10 for development a lot easier for some developers. Now, as this feature isn’t enabled by default, you’ll probably have a hard time trying to use it — however, don’t fret as we’ll take you through how to install Bash on your Windows 10 machine.

1) Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows Features

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 5.10.18 PM

Firstly, we’ll need to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) on Windows Features. To do that, just open up Cortana/Search and search “windows features.” After that, scroll down in the Windows Features dialog and tick the “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)” and click on the OK button. Then, Windows 10 will install the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Once that’s done, you’ll be required to restart your machine.

2) Enable Developer Mode

2016-07-08 (3)

After installing the Linux subsystem, you will need to enable the Developer Mode on Windows 10. To do that, just open the Settings app, click on the Updates & Security button, then click on “For Developers” from the sidebar. After that, just select the Developer Mode and Windows 10 will install the Developer Mode package. If you get any error at this stage, just ignore them — Bash will still install.

3) Install Bash

2016-07-08 (6)

After that, we will need to install Bash itself. To do that, go ahead and open Command Prompt (CMD) by searching using Cortana/Search. Once CMD is ready, type in “bash” and hit enter. When you’re asked if you want to install Bash, just type “y” and hit enter. Once that’s done, Windows 10 will start downloading and installing Bash. This can take a bit of time, so be patient at this stage. Once Bash is installed, you’ll need to enter a username for Bash, so just enter the username you want and hit enter. Then, you’ll be required to set the password for your account. Once this is done, Bash will be ready to use:

2016-07-08 (8)

4) Using Bash

Now that Bash is installed on your Windows 10 machine, you can use Bash via the Command Prompt. To do that, just open up CMD, type in “Bash” and hit enter. This will take you to Bash, where you can use all the usual commands:

2016-07-08 (11)

You can also checkout the version of Bash by typing in “bash –version” into CMD:

2016-07-08 (10)

So there you have it, Bash is now installed on your PC. Once again, this is only available for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is coming as a free update to existing Windows 10 users on August 2. If you have any questions regarding Bash on Windows 10, feel free to let us know in the comment section below and we’ll try to help you out!

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Microsoft Bot Framework updated with cards, groups and more

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft today announced a major update to its Bot Framework. First of all, they have brought together the Skype Bot developer tools and the Microsoft Bot Framework into one environment. Developers can now develop bots which use new Skype platform features – such as visual cards and group bots – and publish to multiple channels from one place. If you are running a bot based on Skype Bot SDK, you need to move your bot to Microsoft Bot Framework “V3” environment to get access to the latest features and updates.

Microsoft is adding the following new features to their Bot Framework,

Groups: Make Skype Bots that are more productive—or just entertaining—for groups of users. Bots can now be a part of and respond to group conversations.

Cards: Create visual cards for compelling user to bot interactions with image cards, carousels, and receipts.

Natural Language: Skype has collaborated with Bing to showcase a preview of Bing Entity and Intent detection so that natural language understanding is built right into Skype Bots—an industry first.

Third-party authentication: Connect users to your service by having them sign in right on a card. This means they authorize their credentials once and continue to enjoy their bot experience without further interruptions.

Your bots–wherever your users are talking: Microsoft has brought together the Skype Bot Platform and the Microsoft Bot Framework into one environment. Using the Microsoft Bot Framework you can publish your bot to Skype, and submit for promotion in the Skype and Microsoft bot directories, as well as get access to great bot building tools.

For developers, the update is focused on quality, schema features, and performance. Enhancements include:

  • Well-defined support for cards and carousels for both channels that support them natively (Skype, Facebook) and text-rendered for those that don’t;
  • Automatic configuration of Skype – no copy-and-paste needed!
  • Simplified addressing of users and groups;
  • Additional dialog types and capabilities in the Bot Builder SDK;
  • Added Cognitive Services LUIS Intent Dialog type to the SDK;
  • Support for Skype calling features added to the SDK;
  • Enhancements to the Bot Framework Emulator;
  • Support for Slack’s recent addition of buttons; and
  • Support for many of Facebook’s newest Bot features.

Developers have access to all these new features within the new framework. Visit Microsoft Bot Framework site for more details.

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Microsoft highlights new games coming to Xbox One in a new video

Microsoft today posted a video highlighting the exciting games that are coming to Xbox One in the coming months. They also mentioned that these titles won over over 130 awards at E3 2016. Watch it above.

Microsoft recently reduced the price of Xbox One by another $20. Xbox One 500GB console is now available for just $279, instead of the regular price of $299. Microsoft Store is now making this deal even better. You can get a free controller, select game, and $50 Microsoft Store gift code with $279 Xbox One bundle!

Following Xbox One bundles are eligible for this deal,

Get these deals here from Microsoft Store. These deals will be available till July 14th.

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MSPoweruser Podcast 03: Lumia flagships get a much needed feature

During this week’s episode of the MSPoweruser Podcast, Vernon Smith and Andrew Bennett cover some of the week’s Microsoft news. This week’s talking points include the Lumia 950/XL getting double tap to wake, the fast approaching July 29th deadline, and more!

You can check out the articles relevant to what we talked about here:

You can stream this week’s episode on Youtube here:

You can also subscribe to the MSPoweruser Podcast below:

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