Instagram update lets you add a friend to your live stream

It is an update you will not see for some time, but Instagram will allow folks to add their friends to their live streams.

To be clear, Instagram is not the only service that will allow you to do this – Facebook Live has allowed folks to do dual live streams since May. Since Facebook owns Instagram, however, it was only a matter of time until such a feature trickled down to the image-centric social network.

Adding people to your live stream is a relative straightforward process that starts with pressing the icon with two smiley faces next to the Comment field. From there, you can select a friend to broadcast with, with the screen vertically split.

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Does Instagram do Snapchat better than Snapchat?

Does Instagram do Snapchat better than Snapchat?

April 19, 2017

Even when broadcasting with someone else, everything from comments and hearts to the ability to save the stream to your Story remain the same. Alternatively, you can choose the Discard option and do away with your live video.

What is interesting about this update is that only a small percentage of users is currently testing it out. A more widespread roll out will take place over the next few months, but if you do see the option for dual broadcasting in your version of the Instagram app, please let us know how it is in the comments below!

Recent updates

Instagram lets you respond to Stories with photos and videos

July 6, 2017: As controversial as Instagram’s Stories may be, due to its blatant similarities to Snapchat Stories, Instagram continues to improve the feature by allowing you to reply to a friend’s Story with photos and videos of your own. When you open a Story, you now see a camera button on the left corner of the screen. When pressed, the button takes you to your camera screen with a thumbnail of the Story you are replying to. From here, you can take pictures, record videos, create Boomerangs, and resize the original Story’s thumbnail.

Instagram steps up its fight against scam and offensive comments

June 29, 2017: With the latest update, offensive comments on Instagram will be blocked by default. You can still report individual comments and profiles, of course, and if for whatever odd reason you want to disable this feature, you can do so in the app’s settings. The new update also addresses spam, another huge issue in the Instagram community. These filters will work in many different languages and will use machine learning to improve over time. The hope is that the automatic blocking will create a safer and a more inclusive space for all Instagram users.

Instagram lets you share replays of Instagram Stories live videos

June 20, 2017: The update adds a “Share” selection at the bottom of the screen after your live video has ended, so you can add the replay to Instagram Stories for 24 hours. Alternatively, you can delete the live video by tapping the toggle, and then choosing “Discard”. When you watch your own video replay back, you will see the number of users who watched it live, and afterwards via replay.

Instagram adds Archive feature

June 13, 2017: Instagram has rolled out its new Archive addition worldwide. It’s been designed to help users keep any posts they have shared in a space that’s only meant to be seen by that person. If you want to start archiving your shared posts, all you have to do is tap “…” at the top of the post you want to save and then and choose “Archive.” Users will be able to see that saved post when they tap on the Archive icon, which is located in the top right corner of the Instagram profile. You will also be able to see any previous likes and comments on that post.

Instagram Direct adds support for links, along with landscape and portrait orentation

May 25, 2017: The Instagram Direct feature now allows users to share images in both landscape and portrait orientation along with the ability to share links.

Instagram Stories can now be searched by location, hashtag search coming soon

May 23, 2017: Instagram is adding yet another way to search for content on the social network. The latest update to the app allows users to search inside Instagram Stories via location, and soon will also add searching in Stories via hashtags.

Face filters

May 17, 2017: Instagram has added another Snapchat-like feature, as users can now put in a number of animated images over their photos and videos. In addition, users can now put videos in reverse. There’s also a new eraser brush in the drawing tools.

Web uploads

May 8, 2017: Instagram has beefed up its mobile website with the ability to upload photos, and a lightweight version of the Explore tab. Previously, users were only able to like posts, follow users, search, and see notifications from the mobile site. Now users can not only upload media to the social network, they can also access a stripped down version of the Explore tab.

Instagram says the web experience is optimized for phones, and designed to help users on slower data connections access the social network. Think of this as a “lite” version of Instagram. Video uploading via the mobile web still isn’t supported, however, nor is posting photos or videos from the desktop site.

Offline mode coming soon

April 19: Instagram announced that it is launching an offline mode to help improve the experience for those with limited internet access. Offline users will be able to “Like” posts, leave comments, save media and unfollow people, all of which will be processed once the user reconnects to the internet. They will also be able to view content previously loaded in their Instagram feed, profiles they’ve previously visited, older versions of their own profile and the Explore tab.

How to delete your Instagram account

How to delete your Instagram account

May 31, 2017

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