Latest Snapchat update brings limitless snaps, Magic Eraser tool

If you’ve ever received a Snap from a friend and felt frustrated that you couldn’t view it for more than ten seconds (even after replaying it), you’re not alone. That’s why Snap Inc. is rolling out a Snapchat update today that brings limitless Snaps and a few other useful features.

By far the biggest change in this new update is the ‘limitless’ Snap option, which will let you send Snaps that don’t expire after ten seconds or less. When you receive a limitless Snap, you can view it for as long as you’d like, then close it when you’re done. After you close the Snap, the image will delete as usual.

Also included in this update is a new Loop tool for videos. This lets you decide if your Snap plays just once or loops until the recipient is ready to tap to the next Snap.

Lastly, the new Magic Eraser tool allows you to censor a certain part of an area on your photo. This new tool can be found under the Scissor tool option.

These new features are rolling out now on Android, so head to the link below to grab the latest version of Snapchat.

Download Snapchat from Google Play

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February 9, 2017

Recent updates

World Lenses arrive

April 18World Lenses let you add augmented reality-powered 3D lenses to the world around you. Just fire up the camera screen in the Snapchat app and make sure your rear-facing camera is activated. You can then add a cloud, a rainbow, flowers, a floating ‘OMG’ sign, and more. These are just a few of the objects you can add at the moment; Snap says the lineup will change daily.

Bitmoji widgets on your home screen

March 15: Snap Inc. has just released a new update for Android and iOS that introduces a much easier way to chat with your friends. If you’re the kind of user who chats with a handful of people on a regular basis through Snapchat, now you won’t have to go digging through your entire friend list to start up a new chat. After installing the new update, you’ll be able to select your favorite/most-contacted friends and add Bitmoji widgets to your home screen for quick access to that person.

Snapchat beta brings bundled notifications

February 6: In the latest Snapchat update, beta version, Snap Inc. has added bundled notifications to the app, making the Snapchat notification area more useful. Notification bundles rolled out as a feature of Android 7.0 Nougat and allow developers to make their notifications collapse when more are added to the notification area. These notifications can be expanded when you tap on them to reveal more detailed information about each individual message, like when it was sent and by whom.

New search bar

January 26: Snap Inc. has added a new search bar intended to make finding friends, groups, Discover publishers and Our Stories, easier. The interface has been refreshed and is now more colorful and easier to navigate.

Group messaging

December 14: Though it was previously limited to one-on-one conversations, Snapchat now allows for up to 16 people to take part in group chats, as of version Like with a regular Snapchat message, group Snaps can be opened once and played once before they are deleted and will remain available in the group for 24 hours after being sent. The new interface also allows you to tap another members’ names to jump into an individual conversation with them.


November 14: Spectacles are Snap Inc’s new glasses which feature an integrated camera, allowing users to record 10-second videos and send them via Snapchat. They’re on sale now for $129.99 at select locations and you can read our early thoughts on them in the link above.

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