[Update: It’s out] The Office Space game for Android wants your TPS report and your stapler

Update (4/19): The Office Space: Idle Profits game is now officially available for Android in the Google Play Store. You can download the free-to-play game now, but remember: next Friday… is Hawaiian shirt day.
Get it at Google Play

In 1999, a low-budget workplace comedy hit movie theaters. Office Space, written and directed by Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, pretty much came and went in theaters, and was considered a box office flop. However, the movie about the IT office workers at the fictional tech company Initech became a cult hit after it was released on DVD and on cable TV, and it has since been reevaluated as a true comedy classic.

This week, Fox Interactive and Kongregate announced plans to launch a free-to-play game based on the film in the Google Play Store. Office Space: Idle Profits has been designed to basically follow the plot of the film. Your main goal is to move up the ranks at Initech. You do this by taking money away from the company by installing that infamous computer virus which takes the fractions of rounded-off  pennies into your account.

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The goal is to collect as many pennies as you can and use them to earn new rewards and bonuses so you can move up from the storage room, where Milton is with his stapler, all the way to the CEO job. Along the way, you will unlock the game’s versions of scenes from the movie, which will include destroying a fax machine and having to listen to Lumbergh telling you that you need to come in on Saturday.

While the game will be free-to-play, be aware that will also contain in-app purchases. Otherwise, you might spend some real money on the Office Space game, and you could turn into someone who has a bad case of the Mondays. The game has already soft-launched in some markets, and will get its official release worldwide later this year. You can go to the Google Play Store right now to pre-register for the game.

Pre-register at Google Play

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