The Mirabook aims to turn your smartphone into a laptop for $199

The unification of desktop and mobile systems still hasn’t quite arrived, though strides have been made in recent years. Apps like Dropbox and Pushbullet have brought them a step closer together with shared links and files, while solutions like Microsoft Continuum and Samsung Dex have tried to offer an even wider range of features.

There have also been a number of crowdfunding projects dedicated to such an goal, the latest of which comes in the form of the Mirabook Indiegogo project.

The Mirabook is a laptop that is powered by your smartphone. It’s designed for compatibility with a number of operating systems, including the aforementioned Dex and Continuum, as well as Remix Singularity, Oxi OS, Leena OS and others. This means work with Android, Windows and Ubuntu phones, though iOS devices aren’t supported.

Smartphones, or devices like a PC stick or Raspberry Pi, can be connected via USB to act as the brains of the laptop, and enjoy the benefits of the larger display and keyboard (and mouse, if you want to add one).

The Mirabook itself is said to be a “lightweight” laptop which comes with an aluminum finish. It features a 13.3-inch, 1080p screen and ports which include HDMI, two USB Type-A ports, a USB Type-C port (for charging), headphone jack and SD card slot.

The creators note that the “battery is [the Mirabook’s] greatest asset: it can be used continuously for up to 24 hours while recharging your smartphone.” This, however, appears to be a stretch goal if the project hits $3 million in funding (its goal is $50,000). Typical battery life appears to be around 10 hours.

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You can invest in this now starting at $180 which will bag you one of the devices — it will have a retail price of around $299. This early bird price is said to have only five days left, but that has been the case for at least four days already, so who knows. If it runs out, other backers will be able to pre-order one for $199, with shipping expected to start December 2017.

Is the Mirabook a product you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments.

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