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Android Apps Weekly featured image April 7th, 2017
Welcome to the 186th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the headlines from the last week:

  • A court judge is going to decide if a Pokemon Go lawsuit is going forward soon. The case alleges that Niantic trespassed on private property by putting Pokestops and Pokemon in those places. Niantic argues that they are virtual things and, thus, not real. The conclusion of this case could have some huge implications from everything from navigation software to many types of services. We’ll see how it plays out.
  • Google released a blog post this week to talk about Chrysaor. That’s a powerful espionage app that infects Android devices like malware and gives it virtually limitless control. It’s similar to another app called Pegasus. That’s an iOS app that does pretty much the same thing. Frighteningly enough, the app even knows how to self-destruct to keep you from ever seeing it. Chrysaor isn’t normal malware as Google notes. So far, Google has only found it on about three dozen devices in total. That indicates an attack on specific individuals. Typically, malware launches to the public. Then it tries to rope in as many people as possible. That means you’ll likely never have to deal with it. Probably. However, it’s still absolutely terrifying that such software exists. If it helps, no apps in Google Play are carrying this one so you’re safe there.
  • Twitter announced Twitter Lite this week. It’s a revamp of their mobile site that uses less data. That means it should work a little bit better than the official Twitter app in areas where data connections aren’t great. Thankfully, unlike Facebook, Twitter Lite seems to be available to everyone with Google Chrome for Android simply by visiting Twitter’s mobile site. Thank you for not being Facebook, Twitter.
  • For the first time, Android has surpassed Microsoft Windows in Internet usage. By a whole 0.02%. According to the report, Android accounted for 37.93% of all Internet traffic. Microsoft scored 37.91%. This has been where the winds have been blowing for years. Thus, it’s not a huge surprise. Still, it’s a landmark achievement for everyone’s favorite mobile operating OS.
  • Google Play is apparently dealing with smarter fake reviews. The way they’re doing is having the bots leave reviews for a bunch of normal apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. Then it’ll go to the target app and leave a five-star rating. Thus, the fake accounts look like somewhat legit people. That is, until you read their actual reviews because they’re so obviously bogus. In any case, this is a new hell that Google Play will have to deal with.

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Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Age of Empires: Castle Siege is the latest kingdom builder on Android. Microsoft released the title. That means it’s an official game in the series. Your job will be to pick an era, build up your civilization, and then attack other people to take their stuff. It’s similar to Clash of Clans and similar titles. Except this one has that classic Age of Empires charm. It seems to be having some connection issues, but early releases generally do. It’s yet another game in the genre, but this one feels pretty good.


Price: Free
GlassWire is a security app. It tracks your data usage. The idea is that it shows you what apps are connecting, how much data they use, and how often they do it. It can offer insight to how your device is using your data. Additionally, it helps you identify potential threats or data heavy apps that you may not want running loose. The interface is clean and colorful. Glasswire is also fairly easy to set-up and use. It’s a free download with no advertising or in-app purchases.

Transformers: Forged to Fight

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Transformers: Forged to Fight is the latest freemium game to don the popular franchise’s name. This one bills itself as an action-fighting RPG. Like most, you’ll collect various bots from the Transformer universe. You’ll then battle other players for supremacy in the leaderboards. However, this one looks like it might actually be well done. It features decent graphics, large combat environments, and some action packed scenes. It suffers from the usual freemium pitfalls. However, aside from that, people seem to like it so far.

YouTube TV

Price: Free / $35 per month
YouTube TV has finally officially launched. It’s YouTube’s official foray into the television space. For $35/month, you can get a few dozen channels, including some local channels for things like sports. Unfortunately, it’s only available in five cities because YouTube couldn’t wait long enough to support more. In any case, those living in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia can sign up for a free month’s trial right now. Everyone else will have to wait for now. It’ll expand and deliver more stuff over time and features probably the best digital DVR ever. It’s exciting. Or at least it will be very soon.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Price: Free with in-app purchases
We’ve been waiting for months, but the official worldwide release of NOVA Legacy is now upon us. It’s the latest sci-fi shooter in the famous NOVA franchise. It features decent graphics, fun controls, and more. You can also play through the campaign mode or online against other players. It will be without a doubt one of the best shooters on mobile this year. The only downside is that Gameloft has gone full freemium for this title. The prior iteration of the series used to be a pay-once title. That’s kind of lame, but the game is still worth checking out.

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If we missed any Android apps or games news, tell us about it in the comments! We’ll see you next week, thank you for reading!

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