Samsung to focus on mobile and VR cameras, ditch digital cameras entirely

According to a new report in Korea’s The Investor, Samsung will give up producing digital cameras entirely to focus on smartphone and VR cameras instead. An unnamed official reportedly told the newspaper that the company is no longer “producing and selling digital cameras,” indicating the decision has already been implemented.

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6 days ago

As the digital camera market is increasingly gobbled up by superior smartphone cameras, times are tough for a lot of smaller pocket camera makers. Considering how awesome Samsung’s smartphone camera reputation is, we needn’t worry too much. The good news about all this is that Samsung will be able to put all that accumulated imaging know-how to good use on the best camera around: the one in your pocket.

The last digital camera Samsung released, the NX500, was two years ago so this news will not come as much of a surprise to many. On the upside though, the same official said that the company plans to create a new product category to “continue the business”. This will include smartphone cameras, devices like the new 4K Gear 360 and other new VR recording products Samsung has in the pipes.

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