More Galaxy S8 leaked images: Color options, launcher and icons, battery

More than any of its predecessors, the Galaxy S8 has been leaked extensively over the past few weeks. Many key details about the Galaxy S8’s specs and features are public knowledge at this point, and now we’re beginning to see details about the phone’s software and color options.

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UI leak

What appear to be screenshots of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 software have been spotted inside the .apk file of Samsung’s Smart Switch app. The screenshots, along with a number of redesigned icons for Samsung’s pre-installed apps have been provided to SamMobile by a reader, and we were able to verify that they are legitimate by identifying them in the .apk file of the latest version of Smart Switch.

The screenshots show the new on-screen navigation buttons we’ve seen in a number of Galaxy S8 leaks, as well as the futuristic-looking font of the clock widget (which we’ve also seen in previous reports).

We can see that the “interrupted line” motif of the on-screen keys is carried over throughout the UI, with the system apps all using this design touch in their icons. Samsung is going for a very minimalistic look for the Galaxy S8’s software, as even the wallpaper is a simple gradient, though it’s not clear whether that’s the design we would see in production devices.

Unfortunately, the two screenshots are rather small (we enlarged them above) and we couldn’t find any additional intel in the .apk file so far.

Color options

TechDroider shared on Twitter an image that appears to show the five color options of the Galaxy S8. (It’s not clear from the tweet, but we presume the Galaxy S8 Plus will have one or more exclusive color).

The pic is low-quality and the tiny size of the bezels isn’t quite enough to make a good idea of what the Galaxy S8 colors will look like in real life, but this leak is still our first hint at what to expect in terms of colors. The five options appear to be glossy black, white, blue, gold and what could be the “orchid gray” we’ve heard before here.

Additionally, pictures of the gold Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus surfaced on Weibo. They appear to match the UI screenshots we talked about above.

Galaxy S8 Plus battery

Further corroborating older rumors that the Galaxy S8 Plus would have a 3,500-mAh battery, an image of what’s likely the S8 Plus’ battery was uncovered by SamMobile, also on Weibo, the social network that is so popular in China.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature a 3,000-mAh battery.

Let us know your thoughts on these leaks!

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