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Welcome to the 182nd edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Capcom is apparently working on bringing four more classic games to mobile. One of them is 1942, a classic top-down shooter that many people enjoyed back in the day. So far, Capcom has botched six Megaman releases this year so we’re hoping that this attempt goes a little bit better. We don’t have a time frame a release date just yet. We just know that they’re working on it.
  • Twitch received an update this week. In the update is a new thing called Pulse. Pulse is a lot like Facebook’s Timeline except for video streamers. It’ll make it easier for affluent members of the community to share clips, highlights, and even stuff like schedules. Followers can see these things and interact more. It adds a bit of nuance to Twitch’s otherwise cut and dry experience. It should be rolling out right now.
  • Google Play announced their first original podcast this week. It’s called City Soundtracks. It’s essentially a podcast version of VH1’s Behind the Artist. Each episode will focus on one artist and their hometown. Most are calling it an attempt for Google Play to promote its own service from within. However, it does sound genuinely interesting. It launched on March 8th with three episodes. It’s on Google Play now if you want to try it out.
  • Fireproof Games announced that a new Room game is coming. It’s called The Room: Old Sins. Like its predecessors, it’ll be a mix of an escape game and a puzzle game. There isn’t a lot of information available yet. However, we know it’ll take place in a house and will feature a very creepy dollhouse. There isn’t a definitive release date just yet. We just know that they’re working on it.
  • Word around the digital grapevine is that Spotify is preparing a lossless Hi-Fi option. Some users have reported seeing a prompt to upgrade to the new service. The prices ranged from an additional $5 to $10 for some. The likely explanation is that they’re testing to see what prices people like. This will put them directly in competition with Tidal as the only two companies that do lossless streaming. Also, Spotify announced that they’ve hit 50 million paid subscribers.

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Splitter Critters

Price: $2.99
Splitter Critters is a unique puzzle game. You play as a few cute little critters and your job is to get them to the end of any given level. You do so by chopping up the level in such a way that they can proceed. That can involve chopping up the landscape so they can walk or even hacking up the place so that various obstacles can be overcome. It’s cute and surprisingly creative. You can pick it up for $2.99 and it has no in-app purchases or advertising.


Price: Free / up to $5.49
Cornerfly is an Android customization app. Its sole purpose is to make the corners of your screen rounded. You know, like you’d see on the LG G6 or the Galaxy S8. You can also configure the app for any individual application if you want to. The best part is that it doesn’t require root to use. You can use it for free. However, going pro will allow you to customize the corners and it’ll remove the advertising. It’s a little thing, but sometimes the little things can be fun. It’s free to download if you want to check it out.


Price: $3.99
Unworded is a narrative puzzle game. In this one, you’ll be tasked with little puzzles where you build objects out of letters. You’ll do stuff like use a J to make the handle for an umbrella or use an H to make smoke stacks on a boat. Along with the puzzles is a little narrative story that gets told to you as you complete levels. It’s an entertaining game, although we would’ve liked to see a bit more complexity in some of the puzzles. It’s $3.99, but there are no in-app purchases to get in your way.


Price: Free / $6.99 per month
BritBox is a new video streaming service. It’s for US residents only and that’s unfortunate. However, those with access can pick up a ton of TV shows, movies, and programs created in the UK. As a service, it seemed to work fairly well. We watched several shows without any buffering or lag problems. The UI isn’t much to look at, but it’s still pretty easy to move around. About the only real downside is a lack of super hit shows like Top Gear, Dr Who, Weakest Link, and some others. It’s $6.99 per month if you’re interested.


Price: Free / $2.99
Shadowmatic is a new puzzle that focuses on shadows. It works by placing a random object in front of a bright light. Your job is to twist and turn the object around until the shadow turns into a picture of something. The game includes over 100 levels, achievements, an arcade mode, hints, and more. You can get the first 14 levels for free and then you’ll be asked to pay $2.99 for the rest of the game through an in-app purchase. It’s fun, kid friendly, and the graphics in this one aren’t half bad.

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If we missed any big Android apps or games news, tell us about it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back next week for the next one!

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