Satechi Spectrum iQ Bulb quick review


Consumers are flocking to home automation products because of how fun and simple it is to operate electronics from a mobile device. Plus, it saves money. So consumers can only benefit from everything in the home earning a ‘smart’ counterpart. Light bulbs are one of the easiest areas to get started with, but also one of the costliest. Every room needs light and installing an appropriate amount of smart bulbs can quickly reach thousands of dollars. Satechi, however, has positioned its Spectrum iQ Bulb to be very competitive in terms of both price and performance.


Setting up the Spectrum iQ Bulb is almost identical to doing so with a regular light bulb. There is just one extra step after screwing it into place. Over in the Play Store, the Spectrum app awaits to give life to the smart bulb. Launch the Spectrum app for the first time and automatically connect to the Spectrum iQ Bulb. This app allows users to control ten smart bulbs simultaneously. The Spectrum app handles the activities of the Spectrum iQ Bulb with dimming, color changes, scheduling, and settings. Spectrum chose a dimming transition over a harsh flicker for when its smart bulb changes color or turns on/off. This is brilliant because its very welcoming to be greeted by a glow of light upon entering a room.

satechi_spectrum_app_colors satechi_spectrum_app_slideout_menu satechi_spectrum_app_bulbs satechi_spectrum_app_timer_options satechi_spectrum_app_device_settings



There are 16,000,000 colors to choose from with this smart bulb and that means you will find the perfect lighting for any mood. Satechi was generous enough to supply me with two units of their Spectrum IQ Bulb; therefore, I was able to measure performance when tasked with the illumination of my living room. It did a decent job with making colors vibrant, but they did not exactly fill the room. The reason for that, though, could be due to the thickness of the lampshades. So I decided to switch to a lamp that covered its bulbs with glass. There, I found the Spectrum iQ Bulb to be quite good. Colors, light and dark, shined through with the aforementioned vibrancy.


The Satechi Spectrum iQ Bulb costs $34 while offerings from Philips, LIFX, and Ilumi reach $59-89. Think about purchasing ten units, that is how many Satechi supports for simultaneous control. Going with the Spectrum iQ Bulb over other options would save anywhere between $250 and $550; however, competitors do have discounts for buying in bulk and their apps are bit fancier. The overall lifespan of these smart bulbs all remain above twenty years based on three hours per day usage. What is Satechi’s advantage with the Spectrum iQ bulb then? Remaining affordable while not being feature-empty.

[Satechi Spectrum iQ Bulb]

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